FLASHBACK.Behind the War.

The crisis in Syria is becoming even more devastating.

And this is how it started….and was carried on..

The war began on 15th March,2011.With protests in Damascus and the southern city of Deraa where the people demanded the release of political prisoners.The protests became very violent and the security and army starting shooting and killing a number of people.And there was so much violence that this became a nationwide uprising and was all over the news.Then President Assad releases some political prisoners and dismisses the government.Also,in April he lifts the 48 year old state of emergency.And after that..he starts accusing the protesters to be Israeli agents.Later-on , to crush the anti-regime protests the army enters  Deraa, Banyas, Homs and suburbs of Damascus.This creates a major problem..and the crisis continues…


What’s happening?

The people in Syria are suffering.They are dying everyday and according to the UN (United Nations) the death toll has reached  120,000 as of September 2013.

The destruction caused…And the torture people are facing.